Our Purpose

Why do art and culture matter? What difference can they make? We believe that arts and culture are linked to bio-geograpies and biomes of a country. Environmental learnings to address ‘climate change’ are embedded in the sustainable practices of the diverse and age old cultural practices across the world and there is much to learn from traditional communities and their socio cultural practices.

We partner and collaborate globally to add India’s voice to environmental activism through sustainable arts and cultural practices.

Who are we?

The Kala Chaupal Trust is a not-for-profit organisation based out of India working in the areas of Arts, Culture and Environmental Sustainability.

The Kala Chaupal identifies socially relevant themes and explores them through the lens of visual, performing arts and public space arts, driving a powerful impact in the process.

What do we do?

Through its endeavours, The Kala Chaupal Trust facilitates collaborations between the traditional and contemporary arts. We inspire the establishment of arts and design incubation centres for raising artistic awareness and to develop a new generation of artists and artisans by giving them inclusive avenues. We also provide a platform to the artistic fraternity across the globe to participate in compelling and dynamic conversations to facilitate an impact on cultures and the environment.

Why is it important?

This is the time when positive interventions and interconnects with arts and culture can be amplified to the extent that it creates a ripple effect of change and evolution. It is imperative to raise awareness and strengthen the voice of arts and culture by stimulating a multi-stakeholder dialogue as well as interdisciplinary collaborative practise


Helen Frederick

Organisation Curator

Leenika Jacob

Managing Trustee

Premila Singh

Managing Trustee

Our Collaborators

We collaborate with dynamic
organizations and people!

Our organisation thrives on meeting new artists every day! If art means the same to you as it means to us, contact us and let us collaborate and create our ripple effect of change and evolution!