Dedicated to the companies executing last & first mile delivery for Food.

BikeKit® is the first company which is 100% focused on bringing innovative & practical solutions for ‘Last Mile Delivery’ players. Our offerings consist of 3 verticals, which are: Delivery Solutions, Rider Safety and Rider Wellness.

Delivery Solutions LEDBox LEDBag CoolingSolution HeatingSolution SmartHelmet Blind SpotMonitoring RiderGear RiderBehaviour Rider Safety Rider Wellness RiderReadiness RiderWell-Being Gamification Happiness Lets's Talk For Last Mile Delivery Players
Lets's Talk RiderReadiness RiderWell-Being Gamification Happiness Rider Wellness SmartHelmet Blind SpotMonitoring RiderGear RiderBehaviour Rider Safety LEDBox LEDBag CoolingSolution HeatingSolution Delivery Solutions For Last Mile Delivery Players

Product groups

We aim to become one of the largest global players for providing products & services to the last-mile delivery companies.

Delivery Solutions

Providing an exceptional range of products by integrating technology and making them ‘Smarter’ for the last mile delivery players.

Rider Safety

We believe, true success in the last-mile delivery sector should be based upon making the whole ecosystem safer for the riders & other road users.

Rider Wellness

Having healthy & happy employees is a known asset for any company. We have designed some ‘industry first’ solution to enhance the ‘Wellness’ of the rider community.

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